Not normally a vindictive man, Redundant Man is fed up with local councils failing to do their job.

The example of the steady decline into third world levels of service, we are going to use is Swansea City. Why? Because we can and we can see just how little is going on. Full of grand plans, they are only really interested in prestige projects to enhance their appearance in the world at the same time as the rest of the world basically thinks they are on the slide to nowhere. They whinge and complain about the effects of cuts on jobs. And believe me, the cuts are massive, but constantly forget that their job is to perform local services.

So what are my suggestions on this:

  • Stop imagining the world is what it was 30 years ago
  • Start concentrating on getting the small things right
  • Repair your roads
  • Clean up graffiti
  • Stop spending money on traffic lights everywhere
  • Clean the roads
  • Stop redeveloping then restoring things ot how they were before – the Kingsway
  • limit parking out of town in resident zones
  • Offer much improved public transport (not privatised)
  • Encourage people to come back to live in the city centre by making it an attractive place to go
  • Stop concreting over everything

There is more, but eventually you run out of stram so this will do as a starter for ten.
Most of all, local councils should re-energise themselves in the present and start to fight for more. For too long they have been in the palm of national government who have made them dependent on grants and tax-raising nationally. Nothing wrong with this in terms of redistribution of wealth, but it has completely sucked the life out of local democracy. The best talent wont stand and national parties use it as a way of getting over their national agenda and strangling debate.
It’s about thime they took back responsibility for the things they are supposed to do, find ways to generate the money needed and employ people to do the work instead of relying on a compliant group of residents to pick up the pieces.