Welcome to Redundant Man.

The site has become rather a shadow of its former glory following a massive hacking attack in 2013 which Redundant Man himself never quite recovered from. So the phoenix, if that is what this can be called, is rather a shadow of its former glory when it pointed to all sorts of resources to help people faced with the problems of unemployment.

Whether it will ever be much again remains to be seen, but this at least is a start.

Since such a lot of things have happened since the great crash of 2009, it would probably be a good idea to broaden the website’s terms of reference. Then unemployment was running at a much higher rate. Now the issue is different, the “gig” economy, self-employment, zero hours contracts have replaced unemployment. So while lots of people work, a lot of it is for a pittance as wage rates have failed to keep pace with inflation and states have acted to support businesses over workers.

So, this is going to be more political than it was before. In its own tiny way, we shall start to hold politicians to account for their poor performance and for their failure to support earning over the liberal economy.