This particular comment is written in the aftermath of the terrible killings in Las Vegas. 59 people dead (at the time of writing), nearly six hundred injured. All for what? For a piece of legislation that seems to hold some people in thrall, the right to bear arms.

It’s interesting that this particular item in the US Constitution tops the right to life, or the right to walk around, or go to a concert without fearing for your life. I have frequently wondered how peoples’ minds can get so twisted that they can no longer understand how perverted their logic has become. The words, “I would die for the right to carry a gun!” seem absurd in the context of such mass murder. Did you ask the concert-goer and the innocent holiday maker how they felt about it? The complete hold the gun industry has over Congress and the Senate defies belief, no matter how much lobbying money they give to the political parties.

Now Redundant Man is lucky enough to live in a country where we take firearms more seriously. We have banned them. The result, amazingly enough, is less gun crime. Who would have thought?

The nature of human beings is such that you can never imagine nation states not needing to defend themselves, or occasions when you would want your police force to defend you against terrorists, but there are precious few occasions on which privately owning a gun or wanting to use it make any sense at all. Even more so when you have no idea if the next individual you come across has had no mental checks, or is suffering with some hideous political views and a feeling of terrible victim-hood.

So, sorry, gun makers. I am sure you are very proficient at what you do. I am sure too you have lots of transferable skills, such as fitting and maintenance. But if part of he solution is cutting down on the supply of weapons, now would seem as good a time as any to get started. GO and find another job.