Out this morning and immediately felt the air of freedom. Others can say that it’s just a North Westerly after a cold front, but we know better. Could see immediately driving to Sainsbury (Great British brand) just how much better the potholes looked in the sunshine and couldn’t help but feel that all was looking good for the future.

Surprised I felt so good as I had rather overindulged at 11 pm – the moment of truth – the two fireworks we had set off had lit up the sky. Can’t help but admit that I couldn’t see them too well through the tears and my feeling of pride in our great nation.

Almost can’t wait to find out on Monday how much our local hospitals are getting from the £350 million Boris promised. Actually working out the maths is a bit tricky, but it’s got to be a couple of million a week for our local area. Expect waiting times to plummet and doctors and nurses to find they have lots of leisure time again.

Realised that the news will be even better for jobs as the poor Europeans went home, tears in their eyes knowing they were no longer part of the wonderful British experience. Bet they’re wishing they had a blue passport now! Felt happier knowing that so many jobs will open up picking strawberries in Kent as the Eastern Europeans go home. It will be a great boost for towns such as Boston and Spalding. I bet they were cheering last night in anticipation of the summer fruit and veg season .

I walked down the fruit and veg aisles at Sainsbury, knowing that leaving Europe means we’ll be less dependent on imports and will soon be growing our own tomatoes, bananas and pineapples, I couldn’t help feeling a little proud. I thought I noticed that the steps of the shoppers were a little lighter without the weight of having to carry the European Union. It’s the same for our dear neighbours, who have fought for so long to free us from the yoke of tyranny. Simply too wonderful to know that in their 80s, they can finally feel the full force of our care system unleashed without any hinderance from tiresome European regulations.

Thought Nige and Boris were brilliant last night. The flag-waving of the Kippers had really showed the European Parliament on Thursday. They’re going to miss Nigel. Think of all the tireless work he has put in in an Institution he doesn’t even like. Just where are you going to find the rest of the European Parliamentarians putting in that sort of effort? They’ll miss his teasing and leg-pulling too, all done in the best spirit.

Some of those Europeans have no sense of humour.

Thought Boris struck just the right tone too. That performance showed our PM at his best, enjoying a rest and a couple of beers after all the work he has put in getting Brexit done. You can see how much Brits look up to him and trust everything he says. He was even able to ignore the media, so confident he was that he was entitled to rest after all his hard labours.

Back home to enjoy a coffee and to drink in our new freedom a little more. Was so proud that all the tills at Sainsbury were full and working, no matter what colour of skin or nation was using them. Such tolerance and goodwill is a great feature of our British character.