A bit upset to find out that the Sainted Jacob Ress-Mogg ERG was making lots of money from his old hedge fund. Apparently they have avoided paying millions of pounds of tax by moving to Ireland and then using the Cayman Islands to escape paying what was due.

What’s really upsetting though is knowing that we have the best tax avoidance in the world in the UK, so it’s sad that he couldn’t find ways to hide his taxes here rather than to use a “European” base in Dublin. Still, they are bound to come running back now we are free of the European yoke and can return to our top position as the best place for Russian billionaires and foreign dictators to invest their hard-earned money.

Now we are free to make our own laws again, I can see that we will soon be back rivalling Panama, Bermuda and the Isle of Man as leaders of the free world when it comes to making clever investment decisions. Better brains than mine will be licking their lips in the City already.